The various categories of membership and costs can be obtained by clicking on the rate card link below.

Categories of membership include senior, junior and parent categories.

The published rates are annual subscriptions for the season April to March. Members who join partway through a season will pay a reduced rate to reflect the shorter subscription period.

A monthly payment option is also available via the WebCollect online system (see link below).

Use of the courts by members is free, other than a charge for floodlights when these are required (currently £1.50 per 30 minutes).

The simplest way to join the club and purchase or renew a tennis subscription is to use the WebCollect online facility (click here).

WebCollect allows you to enter your personal details, select the type of membership that you need (e.g. adult, junior, parent etc) and to set up a Direct Debit authorisation that will collect the money from your bank account. You can logon to WebCollect at any time using your email and password to maintain your personal details.

If you prefer to pay by cheque or cash and complete a printed form please contact us using the link below.

Further details of payment methods are available HERE



If you would like any further information about joining our club please contact us.


Rate Card and Membership Forms can be obtained using the following links:

Click Here to download the 2021-2022 Rate Card

Click here to download an Adult Membership Application Form

Click here to download a Junior Membership Application Form

Click here to download Code of Conduct

Click here to download Membership Declaration

Click here to download Parental Declaration

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