Sale Volunteer Going for Gold

Alex Moore, a volunteer and keen tennis player at Sale Sports Club, has grabbed the chance to volunteer at the Olympics. She is working in the press operations team at the Aquatics centre, a role that involves a fine balance of looking after athlete needs and those of the press.

Alex has been an active volunteer at the club for 10 years, most recently managing the club’s Coaching and Development Officer and supporting the massive growth in junior tennis and holiday activities. This once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in the world’s largest sporting event was one she couldn’t miss.

We caught up with Alex on Day 4 of the Games:

“Everything about the games so far has surpassed my expectations and there is a real one team feel between volunteers across all roles in the park.

I am experiencing and seeing what goes on once the athletes have completed their race/dive, the highs and lows of competition and the importance of the media getting the athletes story out to the world.

It's like a wave being in the mixed zone. One minute calm and then the swimmers arrive and the media clamber to get their story and calm again once the swimmer leaves the area to warm down.

I am loving every minute!”

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